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Conscious Fire is the creation of John C. Derrick and is meant to be a place where like minded people can congregate to share their ideas about the mind, the universe, and consciousness in general. Conscious Fire is dedicated to all the minds that have come and gone who have taught us so much - the flame burns on!


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September 3, 2011

Hybrid Universes

Your conscious choice of observation defines the reality in which you exist – it changes the very...

September 3, 2011

Quantum Leap

Quantum Entanglement

Another fascinating subject I'm writing about in my book is Quantum...


The Library includes many books we've read and looked over and would like to suggest to others. Users can add or share their own suggestions in the comments area as well. Coming Soon!

Mind over Matter Book

Read segments of 'Mind Over Matter - You Were Born Wealthy' as they are produced for the upcoming book. Each chapter will be freely placed on the internet for review and critiquing. Coming Soon!